Jan 11, 2017

It's Just Stuff

Boxes, bags and bins.
Full of stuff.
Projects to be revisited. Memories stored away.
Old newspapers herald national disasters and national triumphs.
Old magazines proclaim "The Year That Was".
Craft projects that were interrupted by life, awaiting the maker's completion.
Holiday decorations for each season, all packed neatly away, waiting for it's season to shine.
Half a room full of stuff waiting on a decision from it's owner as to it's final destination.

George Carlin said it best - a house is just a place to put your stuff.
And man - did we ever accumulate stuff over 40 years!
I once thought that it was mostly Laura's stuff. I was wrong.
I have so many tools spread around that it looks as if I ended up with two of everything. (Should have opted for the garage instead of the free doors and windows when we bought the home package).
Video production gear-OMG-out the wazoo!
Books - hell, you'd think that we were starting a library!
All this stuff. And now I'm touching it, sorting it, going through it and trying to make decisions.
But I can only make decisions on my things. Laura's is strictly off limits. Too raw right now.

After the financial crash of 2000whenever, Laura and I began going through this stuff. She wanted to keep all the craft magazines, the craft materials - anything craft. Her goal was to knit and crochet in her golden years, making place mats and coasters and what-nots to give to unsuspecting relatives.
She was a fantastic cross stitcher. We have a cross stitch of the Biltmore House on the wall, which took her a year to complete.
I have a painting that she did on multiple layers of glass that, when stacked together, is a grouping of roses. Beautiful!
Most of our place mats for the table were lovingly crafted by her hands - a set for each season.
She also collected cookbooks, recipe books, recipes, etc. Shelves full of cookbooks. I must admit, they are coming in handy for a novice chef such as myself. After bff Pamela taught me a few culinary skills, and nudged me to a healthier diet, I have found recipes in these books which challenge me. My friend Stuart is constantly posting pics on FB of the gorgeous meals that he prepares for himself. I aspire to obtain some of his skills.
The only plus about the financial meltdown and the subsequent loss of employment that was dealt to us was that we couldn't accumulate any more stuff. We started selling some stuff. Not enough - but a few things.

Now I'm going through the remainder of this stuff. And as I touch, feel and admire the beauty of it I try and make those permanent decisions of it's fate. Now that Laura is gone, it's easier now than it used to be.
Most of my projects were for her anyway. I can now make decisions on my stuff. Hers - not so much right now.

But, it's like Laura always told me - it's just stuff.

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