Sep 20, 2009

Really nothing to get hung about...

I loved the Beatles; they had an adventurous spirit did the lads. They were so adventurous that they even sang songs about the weather- at least in a metaphoric sense - So, loving the weather as I do, I dug up a favorite from the boys that just fits the bill for a rainy day in the deep south.

I rarely make a link to Wikipedia, but this one concerning the song Rain is as good an article as any. I've probably said here before that I found the smacked up Yoko worshipping Lennon to be a little hard to take. Looking back, I think he was a bit of a phony baloney (sometimes). Sure John, let's give peace a chance and imagine there's no Heaven; but would not the end result of that prescription be slavery and hopelessness? Actually, I've come to believe that a lot of Lennon's pontifications were the guilt trip induced ramblings of guy who couldn't believe his luck. But it's not my intention to pile on John. He was a soulful singer and he was, after all, one of the Beatles. I particularly loved his work on The Beatles cover of Mr. Postman - and all of the Second Album.